Year 1

Year 1 Curriculum Project

School Days

School Days

Year 1 Project - School Days

In the School Days project, your child will have the opportunity to take part in a traditional Victorian class and will learn about the differences between schooling in the Victorian era and schooling today. They will learn about objects found in a Victorian classroom and how they were used. They will research Samuel Wilderspin, an important figure in the development of schooling for young children in the Victorian era, whose ideals are reflected in schooling today. They will learn to describe the passage of time through study of past, present and future tense vocabulary.

Memorable Experience - Our school's history

Innovate Challenge - Planning an assembly

Geography - Fieldwork; Human and physical features; Maps; Local environment; Changes over time 

History - Historical vocabulary; Historical artefacts; Timelines; Present day schools; Our school; Victorian era; Victorian schools; Significant people - Samuel Wilderspin

Science Investigations - How does it feel? What keeps us dry?


This project is also supported with mini projects in;

Science: Plant Parts; Animal Parts

Art and Design: Street View

Design and Technology: Chop, slice and mash

Music: derived from Charanga Unit 

PE: derived from Greenacres Resources

PSHE: derived from Jigsaw

RE: derived from Kent SACRE Curriculum

Year 1 Key Information

In Year 1 PE lessons are timetabled for Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure that earrings are taped up or removed on these days.

We will participate in tri-golf lessons with Coach Sammy.




Remember to use the QR codes to practice for the Phonics Screening check in June.


W/C 5.6.23 , we will:

  • begin our investigation of persuasive leaflets
  • generate ideas for a fictional, winter themed, theme park
  • grammar focus - show an understanding of the terminology - letter, capital letter, word and sentence
  • colourful semantics and spelling - write sentences about animal themed pictures and spell words containing the graphemes /air/ and /ere/ as the phoneme /air/

In Phonics:

Monday: Grow the code - /ai/ as /eigh/ as eight, /aigh/as straight,/ey/as greyand /ea/ as break

Tuesday: /n/ as /kn in knee and /gn/ in gnaw 

Wednesday: /m/ as /mb/ in thumb 

Thursday: Grow the code: /ear/ as /ere/ in here and as /eer/ in deer

Friday: review the week plus phonicsplay

Tricky words:  our, their, two, once, busy, beautiful, pretty and hour




Please continue to access Numbots and Doodlemaths, at home.

W/C 5.6.23, we will:

  • describe position using above and below
  • understand ordinal numbers
  • complete an end of topic check on Position and Direction
  • complete a pre-topic check on Place Value 0-100
  • In mastering number - writing number words 0-20


Additional Information

Well done to those who have already returned their research question answers, please return all outstanding research by the end of the first week back.

Please hear your child 
read at home as much as possible. This really helps them in all subjects.
Remember to use your QR codes for extra reading practice.  

Please send your child in to school wearing suncream and a hat, if the weather is predicted to be lovely. 


For PE (sessions are now Tuesday and Friday mornings) please make sure that they still have their warm kit and trainers - just in case (e.g. tracksuit trousers and hoodie).


This week's homework is;

  • To read for at least 10 minutes everyday to an adult.
  • Access Numbots or Doodlemaths for 10 minutes every week (passwords are in their reading record).
  • Access the phonics QR code in their reading record and read the real and alien words correctly.
  • For those wanting additional work -

English: Practice pre-cursive letter formation (making tall letters tall and letters with tails go beneath the line); write a diary about your week; write the days of the week (without help).

Maths: Write numerals 0-50. Write number words zero - twenty. Count in 2s, 5s and 10s (and write them down to bring in), use direction and position words (left, right, forward and backwards).

If they do any of this, please send it in so that they can receive house points.


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