Year 1

Year 1 Curriculum Project

Year 1 Project - Childhood

In the Childhood project, your child will learn words and phrases related to the passage of time. They will explore artefacts to help them to understand childhood in the past and how childhood has changed over time. They will explore the six stages of life and explore timelines and family trees. Everyday life in the 1950s will be explored, including shopping, transport, family life and childhood. They will also learn about the significance of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953 by studying photographs and online sources. The children will use maps to explore how places have changed over time and highlight any similarities or differences between childhood today and childhood in the 1950s. 

Memorable Experience - Childhood past and present

Geography - Settlements; Changes over time 

History - Historical vocabulary; Historical artefacts; Timelines; Everyday life and childhood in 1950s; Significant events - Queen's Coronation; Enquiry


This project is also supported with mini projects in;

Science: Everyday Materials, Human Senses

Art and Design: Mix it Up!

Design and Technology: Shade and Shelter

Computing: derived from D.A.R.E.S 

Music: derived from Kapow

PE: derived from Greenacres/TeamThemeKent Resources

PSHE: derived from Jigsaw

RE: derived from Kent SACRE Curriculum

More information about the Year 1 Curriculum can be found in the YEAR 1 Long Term Plan 2023 document found below. 

Year 1 Key Information

In Year 1 PE lessons are timetabled for Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure that earrings are taped up or removed on these days.

We will participate in Gymnastics lessons on Tuesday and Infant agility lessons on Thursday.




W/C 11.12.23 , we will:

  • Handwriting focus: tricky words
  • Plan a Christmas poem based on 'Christmas Bells'
  • write my Christmas poem


Assessment week:


ay ir a-e o e
ea ie i e-e aw
oy ue u-e ew a
ou u i-e o-e

bird rude nine
music fever paper
chew glue shake
pie post shield
stone spider athlete

Tricky words:
their people your could want

The tiger tries to get the mouse with its
paws, but the mouse hides under a stone.





W/C 11.12.23, we will:

  • Understand a number line to 20
  • Use a number line to 20
  • consolidation activities including Numbots

Fluency: composition of 6 and 7


Additional Information

The acts of kindness challenges for us to complete this week were:
Monday - Make someone smile
Tuesday - Draw a picture to give to someone
Wednesday - Say hello to a child from a different class
Thursday - Tell a member of staff how wonderful they are or say thank you to them.
Friday - Smile and ask an adult how their day is going
Weekend challenge - Help to tidy up something at home
Please hear your child 
read at home as much as possible. This really helps them in all subjects (please ensure that reading books are in school every day)
Nativity performances:
All of the children have worked incredibly hard in the run up to the performances and they definitely did themselves and us proud. Thank you for all of your support to help them learn their words, provide costumes and build their confidence.
Show and Tell is only on Fridays and rotates between the houses:

This week's house is Daley (green).


Parents link for guidance on the Little Wandle phonics scheme 

Please remove or tape earrings every Tuesday and Thursday for PE.

Please send in warmer PE clothes (tracksuit trousers and jumper) and trainers (plus spare socks) for our outdoor PE sessions.


This week's homework is;

  • To read for at least 10 minutes everyday to an adult.
  • 10 minutes of Numbots everyday (codes in reading record books)
  • For those wanting additional work -

English: Write tricky words: here, like, people, house, water, all, could, would, should

Maths: write number words zero - twenty. Correctly form numerals 0 - 20. 


If they do any of this, please send it in so that they can receive house points.


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