Country Day


On the last day of Term 3 ( or Friday the 10th of February) it was country day at Lenham Primary School. Each class had one country that they were learning about and had the option to dress up in the colours on their countries’ flag. Throughout the day, we learnt all about our country: these things included learning about landmarks, music, famous people and traditional foods or sweets from that country. 


Year 6 had Sweden as their country and in the previous week they were set homework to find out at least one fact about Sweden. Some people even made whole posters explaining the colours of the flag, famous people and just fun facts. After break they started presentations that they would show to the class in any form they liked or even in more than one way. In the afternoon, they finished off their presentations and presented them to the class. They then did music and since it’s cold in Sweden, they all got icepoles and used them as microphones to sing songs from ABBA (mainly Mama Mia). They tried some Swedish sweets too to finish off the day. We asked a few people what their favourite activity was and it was trying the sweets and having the icepoles. 


Year 5 had Bulgaria as their country and learnt lots about the country during the day. They made a jamboard during the morning all about Bulagrian and learnt that when they want to say yes, they shake their head but when they mean no, they nod. The year fives were left very confused. They also tried some bantisa which is a pastry with a tasty filling. Year 5 tried one with a leek filling and another with a cheese filling. In general they preferred the the pastry with the cheese filling. 


Year 1 had Italy as their country and its safe to say they did heaps of activities during the day. They learnt how to count to ten in Italian. Pasta is also an Italian food, so year one decided to make famous landmarks from Italy out of it. As well as making landmarks with food, they also ate some foods from their country. Colours from the flag were used to make the country itself. 


 Year 4 did China, Year 3 Poland, Year 2 Australia and Rainbow did Romania. Majority of them all tried a food from that country and completed art work. 

We really enjoyed ourselves that day and thank you to all the teachers who organised lots of activities which were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone around the school and to everyone who dressed up in the colours of their country.


By Lily A Mills and Hannah ES Bradley.