The week of the 11.7.22 was ‘Move on up Week’ at Lenham Primary School. Year R moved up to Year One, Year One to Year Two, Year Two to Year Three, etc. This was so we could adjust to our new environment and we wouldn’t worry about having new teachers and a new classroom over the summer holidays. 


The Year Sixes were still at school-most of the time- and had loads of fun on the field doing amazing activities like ‘zorbing’, volleyball, badminton, etc. On Thursday and Friday they then went on their residential, leaving Year 5/ 6 at the top of the school. Year 5/ 6 also spent their Thursday learning First Aid things, like how to perform CPR, the recovery position, how to help someone who is choking and how to apply bandages and triangular slings (don’t worry, we weren’t hurt, even if that’s what it looked like when we went home!)


When we went back into our normal classrooms, it was very strange. We really got used to the classrooms we’ll be in next year. I think all of us now feel much happier about next year so at least we won’t be worrying during the holidays. 


Thank you for reading. 


Hannah ES Bradley and Lily A Mills