Sport at Lenham Primary School

PE aims and objectives:

  • to ensure Sports Premium has an impact on the achievement of pupils
  • to increase the profile of, and engagement with PE through providing a range of enrichment activities
  • to ensure the curriculum allows the children to progress their skills, both within their year and from one year to the next
  • to ensure equal access to PE for children of all abilities


We really value sport at Lenham Primary School and try to provide the children with as much exercise as we can through after school clubs, morning exercise and PE lessons. Mrs Martin our PE leader works hard to organise clubs with Mrs Prescott, so that we can enter school sports competitions.

We currently start everyday with 10 minutes of Zumba altogether on the playground, led by Mrs McCluskey and the Zumba Leaders.

Every class has 2 PE sessions a week and we offer a variety of after school clubs (basketball, netball, benchball, Zumba, football) provided by staff and outside providers.

We also receive Sport Premium from the government to help improve the sports opportunities we provide.

Lenham Primary School's Sports Premium
What is sports premium?
The government has chosen to invest in Primary School Physical Education and School Sport. They have done this by offering each primary school £16,000.00 plus £10.00 per pupil to be spent in any way the school thinks best to improve the teaching and learning of PE and School Sport in their individual school. We receive £17,778.00 in total.

How we are using it at Lenham Primary School?
We have used the funding at Lenham Primary School to ensure that children benefit from more experienced and qualified teachers and instructors during their PE lessons. This has included buying in training and support for teachers. This also enables us access to some of their equipment and facilities to try new sports.
Some of the funding has been used to buy new equipment to encourage activities during PE, play times and after school clubs.

See below at how we have spent our funding and the impact it has had. (Sports Premium Funding documents)


Team Theme

We are very pleased that Coach Sammy from Team Theme is staying with us for another year. We are funding his expertise from our Sports Premium funding for 2023-24. The Coach Sammy will be delivering lessons alongside the class teachers and you should check out our Twitter for regular updates on lessons across the school! 

Sammy is also running afterschool sports clubs twice a week -keep an eye on the weekly bulletin for which year groups and which sports so you don't miss your chance to take part! 


Events at Lenham Primary

Inter-house Tournament Term 1

A Zumba dance off was the theme for our first inter-house competition, congratulations to Brown house who were the (hot and sweaty) winners! 

Inter-school multi-skills event

Year 3 attended an afternoon of multi-skills activities at The Lenham School. The young sports leaders from Year 8 helped to score events such as speed bounce, speed stack, hole-in-one golf, target practice and a final hotly contested obstacle relay race! 


Boys' Champions league Tournament

In Term 1 we sent a Boys' team to Maidstone United's ground for a full day of 6 a-side football. The boys were a credit to our school and did not lose a game throughout the tournament, thanks to Riley's fantastic goalkeeping! 

Girls Champions League Tournament

Later in the term the Girls' team also competed in the inter-school tournament. They were amazing especially as it was the first time they had played together...and their first ever match!! Congratulations girls!  You did our school proud!! 

Year 5 Swimming

Year 5 swam each week for a term at The Stour Centre. This is a life skill that is once learned, never forgotten...and could save your life.


Coming up this year...

  • termly inter-house competitions
  • Yr1/2 inter-school multiskills event
  • Yr5/6 Cricket event
  • Bikeability yrR/yr1/yr4/yr6
  • Yr6 swimming
  • Sports Week including Sports Day and the now annual Yr1 and 2 Zumba-thon with Harrietsham Primary
  • Path to Paris events



We are delighted to announce that we, Lenham Primary School, have achieved the School Games Silver Mark Award for the 2022/23 academic year.

The School Games Mark is a Government-led award scheme launched in 2012, facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community, and we are delighted to have been recognised for our success.

Our sporting achievements this year include:
* After School Clubs

* Taking part in competitions

* Linking with local schools to complete sport

With a total of young people competing in local inter-school competitions this year, we are extremely proud of our pupils for their dedication to all aspects of school sport, including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who made our competitions possible.

As part of our application, we were asked to fulfil criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce and clubs, and we are pleased that the hard work of everyone at our school has been rewarded this year.

We look forward to applying once again in 2024!

This year we are using our Sports Premium to give children experiences they wouldn't normally get, going outside the normal PE curriculum, as well as providing after school clubs and lunchtime activities. See our plan below.

We are aiming to provide as many opportunities as possible for the children to take part in competitive activities within school and against other schools.

Competitive activities are great for learning to: play as part of a team, manage nerves, cope with losing as well as winning, play by rules.

Competing in a team can also help to build self esteem and it encourages children to put in best effort.

To find out about swimming please see the last academic Sport Premium Funding below.

Courtney Tulloch

An Olympic Gymnast called Courtney Tulloch came in to tell us about himself, show us some skills and ‘put us through our paces’ making us do about thirty seconds of four different exercises such as, mountain climbers and press-ups. I don’t think Mrs Fisher was very happy when everyone said that Courtney should do a back flip over her.

He couldn’t come during Sports Week as he got entered into the Commonwealth Games and had to go to a press conference. Despite this, we still thoroughly enjoyed his inspirational visit. The year sixes definitely did their research as they knew some things about him that even he himself had almost forgotten. Courtney even brought in a couple of medals (gold and silver) to show us. His favourite was the silver because he got it for vault which he was told he would never, ever earn and he told us that it goes to show that if you want something badly enough you can earn it. Apart from those, he has also won 90-100 medals.

Thank you for reading! We would like to thank Courtney Tulloch for coming to visit and to wish him luck for the Commonwealth Games.

Hannah ES Bradley and Lily A Mills
Pierre-Henry Fontaine was very inspirational. He shared his journey from school to being a professional basketball player.

Pierre-Henry Fontaine was very inspirational. He shared his journey from school to being a professional basketball player.

Pierre-Henry Fontaine

Pierre put each class through our paces and spoke to us about the importance of fitness and a healthy life. 

In his inspirational assembly, Pierre shared with us key pieces of advice that are displayed in school:

  • that his dyslexia wasn't a barrier to his success, rather it has helped shaped the man and the athlete he has become
  • how we should all follow our school PRIDE values and believe in them
  • when speaking, to use a loud, clear voice so that you (and your opinions) are heard
  • how we need to overcome our struggles to find our own path in life

and finally

  • "Practise makes Progress"!


We are excited to announce that Lenham Primary will enriching the children's knowledge and support for our school and Olympic P.R.I.D.E values, by joining Team GB and their Path to Paris! 

The children will be logging their activity on their class team and helping our school to log 'miles' which will take us around the world on the way to the next Olympics in Paris 2024

Families -you can take part too, look out for the launch details coming home soon!