Queen’s Jubilee 2022


Last term, we celebrated this year’s platinum jubilee in our school as well as at home. We wanted to celebrate this year in specific because the Queen is a miraculous monarch in British history, and it was her 70 year reign over Britain.


Children were invited to come into school wearing red, white and blue clothing on the last day of term. We all enjoyed this opportunity, as well as making further accessories in school; flags and party hats, all of which carried the noble emblem of The Union Flag. 


At lunchtime, we all were shocked when we found what was waiting for us on the playground: tables were arranged to resemble the famous flag pattern, where children sat to eat their jubilee meal. Music complemented this celebration, and we think it’s safe to say that everyone had a fabulous time!


The festivities did not end there! To top it all off, the wonderful Year 6s organised a collection of activities including golf target, hook the duck, and netball shoot. Groups of children wandered around the playground; pupils earned praise and house points; and everyone enjoyed this summer occasion.


We would like to thank the PTA, who arranged this lovely event for us, and helped create a fantastic end to the term. 

By Lucy .J. Perry and Aimee .R. Johnston (Year 6 pupils, and organisers of golf target).