We were lucky enough to have a visit form Rocky’s animals organised by our wonderful PTA. Every class took part in a workshop. We learnt lots about the animals.

The two tortoises

We saw the tortoises do a race, but they both didn’t win the race because they didn’t move! We also got to hold the tortoises. Fun fact: tortoises can swim. They also threw water all over us. They were amazing. Another fun fact: Their shell feels like your fingernails. They also love cabbages and lettuce. They were both from Australia.


Blue tongued lizard

If you tickled the lizard's chin it would show you its blue tongue. It loved to eat maggots. We got to pet it and every once and a while it would show its blue tongue. Fun fact: it came from Australia.


The boa constrictor

Its name was Merlin because it removed the bowl at the front of its home, so it could get out and explore. The snake was shedding its skin and it looked incredible. We also got to hold it.


The scorpion

When he was ready to hurt someone, he would put back his tail and then be ready if anyone came near him, so if they did he would stab his tail into them. We only got to look at him because he could have killed us if we held him. Fun fact: the smaller the scorpion the more venomous it is.


The tarantula

The tarantula comes from Australia. The but has stingers and if they open they are going to sting someone. Fun fact: when they go on their back they hibernate and get bigger.


The farm outside

We got to feed animals: like a goat, sheep, turkey, ducks and a cockerel. They were really soft and friendly. Fun fact: the turkey ate the food out of your hand really sharply. The sheep tried to throw the carrot up in the air and then eat it.


Written by Grace and Xavier Year 5