Year 4

Mrs C Doherty
Mrs C Doherty
Science Leader
Miss E Lakey
Teaching Assistant
Miss E Lakey

Year 4 Project - I am Warrior!

We are brave, powerful warriors, and we will meet in battle!

This half term, we’ll divide into two warring groups: the Celts and the Romans. In our battle games, who will be victorious? We’ll research Celtic and Roman warriors and write soliloquies as soldiers. Using different source materials we’ll investigate the Roman Empire and read Roman numerals. After designing and making shields, we’ll test them in battle and practise our attacking and defending skills. The Celtic warrior queen, Boudicca, will inspire us to create stories, models and artwork. We’ll write plays about gladiators and a menu for wealthy Romans. Using maps, globes and information books, we’ll compare Britain (the home of the Celts) and Rome (the home of the Romans).

Help your child prepare for their project
The Romans changed the course of England’s history. Why not visit a museum together or look at Roman artefacts online to see what you can learn about the Romans? You could also look at holiday brochures and online information to find out about modern day Rome. Which tourist attractions would you like to visit? Alternatively, you could work together to make a model of a Roman villa using recycled materials.

Memorable Experience - Battle Re-enactment

History - The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

Design and Technology - Shields and helmets; Roman food; Roman designs

Art and Design - Drawing; Sculpture; Mosaic; Jewellery

Computing - Animation; Images

Geography - Comparing Britain and Italy; Using maps; Locational knowledge; Human and Physical geography

Science Investigations - Did the Romans use toilet roll?

Year 4 Key Information



In Year 4 PE lessons are timetabled for Wednesday and Thursday.

Spelling Tests will take place every Wednesday. 



Next term we will be:

  • writing a story inspired by 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy'


Next term we will be:

  • starting the next topic of 'Measurement'
  • 'Multiplication and Division'

Additional Information

This term our topic is 'Burps, Bottoms and Bile', mainly focusing on teeth, digestion and hygiene.

And the usual FAQs:

  • PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please send trainers for outside PE- the field can be slippery this term in rain. Warm clothing too please.
  • We are really encouraging lots of reading this term- please sign your child's reading record at home! The expectation is that they read for 10 minutes a day at home. Thanks in advance!


This week's homework is;

  • read for at least 10 minutes everyday with an adult. This needs to be recorded in the reading record.
  • revise spellings on Spelling Shed, ready for a test on Wednesday.
  • Mrs Doherty's spelling group can find their spellings attached below.
  • use Maths Whizz to achieve 3 progressions.