Year 4

Miss C Parry
Miss C Parry
Science Leader
Mrs H Middleton
Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Middleton

Year 4 Project - Blue Abyss

Grab your wetsuit! We're going on a deep sea adventure. The children will sketch different creatures and create clay sculptures of their favourite. Writing poems inspired by their favourite sea creatures will help develop a rich vocabulary. Using maps, globes and atlases, Year 4 will identify the world's oceans and seas. The children will also find different ways of grouping living things. Diving back into the 1800s, the class will learn all about the HMS Challenger. Year 4 will research Jaques Cousteau and write biographies about his exciting explorations. As a challenge, the children will create model submarines using recycled materials and program an onscreen submarine. They will study Antony Gormley's Another Place sculpture and write reviews. After locating the Great Barrier Reef on a map, they will learn about the risks it faces. 

At the end of the project the children will listen to the soothing sounds of whale song and write ballads about whales. The class will have created an 'Oceans art gallery' and deliver workshops on sustainability. 

Help your child prepare for their project

Oceans are remarkable and fascinating places that are full of life. Why not visit the coast together to see an ocean or sea up close? You could also look at an atlas or online map to find out which seas and oceans surround Britain. Alternatively, work together to create an under-the-sea collage using different materials to represent the plants, creatures and water.


Innovate Challenge - 3D art exhibition

Design and Technology - Designing submarines; Working models

Art and Design - Observational drawing; 3-D models; clay sculpture; Antony Gormley; Batik; Printing; Seascapes

Computing - Programming; Video editing; Multimedia presentations

Geography - Seas and oceans of the world; The Great Barrier Reef; Environmental issues

History - 19th century ocean exploration

Science  - Living things and their habitats; animals, including humans; Working scientifically

Science Investigations - How does pollution affect habitats? Are all sea creatures the same?

Year 4 Key Information



In Year 4 PE lessons are timetabled for Wednesday and Friday

Spelling Tests will take place every Wednesday. 



Next week we will be:

  • continuing to draft and write a story based on a boat in the ocean



Next week we will be:

  • multiplying numbers together
  • using the inverse
  • revising division methods

Additional Information

When the weather is sunny, please allow the children to wear sun cream and wear hats.

Please continue to sign your child's reading record. The expectation is that they read for 10 minutes every day outside of school hours.



This week's homework is;

  • read for at least 10 minutes everyday.
  • read at least 3 times a week with an adult. This needs to be recorded in the reading record.
  • revise your spellings on Spelling Shed, ready for a test on Wednesday.
  • Miss Parry's spelling group can find their spellings attached below.

Year 4 Remote Learning: 2021

Year 4 started a new topic in Term 4 'Misty Mountains'. One of the first lessons was spent making a river!