MFL at Lenham Primary


  • To stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language and creativity in experimenting with it;
  • To support oracy and literacy, and in particular develop speaking and listening skills;
  • To help children develop their awareness of cultural similarities and differences; and to provide a vehicle for multi-cultural understanding.
  • To lay the foundations for future language study by pupils;
  • give an extra dimension to teaching and learning across the curriculum;



  • To listen attentively to spoken language and respond with understanding.
  • To explore the patterns and sounds through songs and rhyme and link spelling, sound and meaning of words. teaching of basic French grammar and spelling patterns and how they are similar/different to English
  • To engage in conversation, ask and answer questions and express opinion.
  • To speak in sentences using familiar vocabulary and phrases.
  • To develop accurate pronunciation and intonation so that others understand.
  • To present ideas and information orally and participate in role play.
  • To read carefully and show understanding of words, phrases and simple writing.
  • To appreciate stories, songs, poem and rhyme.
  • To write phrases from memory and adapt these to make new sentences.

To describe people, places, things and actions orally and in writing. researching and learning about life in France



What have you learnt in French lessons this year?

I enjoyed learning colours because we played Bingo.

We have learnt the names for vegetables and fruit. We were shopkeepers and had to ask for items on our shopping list. 

I can say the name for different body parts in French.