Sports Week - Archery

The week of the 20th June 2022 was sports week at Lenham Primary School. This meant that everyone participated in unexpected sports daily. After the fabulous football on Monday, KS2 enjoyed an hour of archery from Joe’s Bows. Each year group went out to the back of the field separately and learnt archery. 


A pair of adults taught the children about how to be safe when you are enjoying this sport, because it can be mildly dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment. However, Joe’s Bows made sure that it was safe, fun and exhilarating: pupils wore arm guards, and were taught how to position the bow so their shot would be accurate.


All of the children loved this activity and we hope to have a visit from Joe’s Bows again, sometime in the near future. Thank you for reading this article!

Lucy J Perry and Aimee R Johnston.

Sports Week-Archery


On the week of 20.6.22 it was sports week at Lenham Primary. After Monday’s fantastic football with two coaches from Maidstone United, we had an unexpected visit from ‘Joe’s Bows’ who taught us how to do amazing archery. Only key stage two participated in this sport as they were real bows and arrows. 


We had to wear arm guards (unless you were wearing a jumper) on your lower arm to protect you as the bow string snapped back very quickly and brushed against you arm. The bows were bigger than we expected. They were up to some people’s shoulders! The targets were approximately 5 metres away from the shooting line. Despite this, some children still managed to hit the bull’s eye (the centre of the target). We were also taught how to collect the arrows correctly. 


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the session and we would like to thank Joe’s Bows for visiting and showing us how to do archery. 


Hannah ES Bradley and Lily A Mills