Year 6 Curriculum Projects

Year 6 Project - Britain at War

In the Britain at War project, your child will learn about the main causes of the First World War and which countries were the major players. They will investigate why so many men volunteered to fight and then sequence the events at the start of the war. Using various sources of evidence, the children will learn about life in the trenches and the consequences of new weaponry. They will listen to first-hand accounts of life on the home front and evaluate the impact of war on everyday life. They will also discover the events that led to the Allied Powers’ victory and the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles. The children will also learn about the causes and main events of the Second World War. They will find out how Britain prepared itself for war and the war’s impact on civilian life. They will learn about the Battle of Britain and how it proved to be a key turning point for the Allied Powers. They will also hear about Anne Frank and discover what her story tells us about the treatment of Jewish people by the Nazi Party. The children will research the causes and consequences of the end of the Second World War and investigate the legacy of the wars in Britain. 

Memorable Experience - War Museum visit (visiting the trenches) 

HistoryFirst and Second World Wars; Causes; Warring nations; Weaponry, warfare and technology; Key events and battles; Impact on citizens and everyday life; Significant leaders; End of war; Local history study; Remembrance; Post-war Britain

Geography -  Place and interconnections; Maps


This project is also supported by mini projects in; 

Science: Circulatory System, Light Theory

Art and Design: Distortion and Abstraction

Design and Technology: Make Do and Mend

Computing derived from D.A.R.E.S

Music: derived from Kapow

PE: derived from Greenacres/TeamThemeKent Resources

PSHE: derived from Jigsaw

RE: derived from Kent SACRE Curriculum

More information about the Year 6 Curriculum can be found in the YEAR 6 Long Term Plan 2023 document found below.


Year 6 Key Information



In Year 6 PE lessons are timetabled for Thursday morning (Tag Rugby) and Friday afternoon (Tennis).  





W.C: 02.10.23

Next week we will be;

  • Using a range of retrieval and inference skills for a reading comprehension task about WW1 trenches
  • Editing our Paperman narratives
  • Beginning a new unit 'Letters from the trenches' by reading a range of archived WW1 letters.


W.C: 02.10.23

Next week we will be;

  • Multiplying a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number and using this to solve problems
  • Using short division
  • Using factors to divide
  • Beginning to learn the long division method

Additional Information

Welcome to Year 6!

Children in Year 6 will be permitted to walk home from school once the 'Walking Home From School' letter has been signed by parents/carers. These letters were sent home on Friday 8th September.


Spellings While there are no spellings this week, the children are welcome to practise common exception words from Stage 3,4,5&6 which are available on Ed Shed.



This week's homework is: 


Please read for at least 20 minutes every night using your Reading Record Book to record your reading. 

Times Tables:

- You could also visit ttrockstars to practise your times tables.