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Mrs S Fisher
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Year 6 Curriculum Projects

Year 6 Project - Blood Heart

Crimson, scarlet, burgundy, cherry. Blood flows through our bodies in all its vibrant shades of red. Let’s explore our circulation system. Now, surgeons, don’t be squeamish as we dissect an animal heart and examine the veins, arteries and chambers up close. They all work hard to move blood around our bodies. William Harvey was fascinated with anatomy, and made groundbreaking discoveries about valves. I wonder what we might uncover? Why do people give blood? Find out how to keep your heart happy with cardiovascular exercise and healthy food. Kickstart a campaign to spread the word about the damage caused to the lungs and heart by smoking. Hearts pound, flutter and maybe skip a beat. What makes your heart race? Is it a secret? Cross my heart, I won’t tell.

Memorable Experience - Sheep's heart dissection

Computing - Search technologies, websites, flowcharts

Art and Design -  Observational drawing, 3D modelling

Music - Pulse, singing, raps

Science Investigations - measuring the heart rate. What can your heart rate tell you? How does blood flow? What's in blood?


Year 6 Key Information



In Year 6 PE lessons are timetabled for Monday (indoor) and Tuesday (outdoor) every week.

New Spellings will be allocated on a Friday and tested the following Thursday.




Next week we will be;

  • Planning, writing and editing our own ending to 'Paperman'


Next week we will be;

  • Continuing with long division
  • Using factors and multiples

Additional Information 

Now that the autumn weather is upon us, the children will need wellies in school please. We use the field everyday, whatever the weather! 

For W/C 18th October:

  • Children should read for at least ten minutes every night and we ask that they read to an adult twice a week. Home reading should be recorded in their reading record books.
  • For Maths this week, the children should complete a minimum of 30 minutes or 3 progressions over the week by logging on to  
  • To support our current learning in Maths, the children are also encouraged to practise their times table knowledge by visiting Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (


If you registered online for your child to sit the Kent Test, results will be emailed to you after 4pm on 21st October 2021 (the delivery time will depend on your email service provider).



Applications for the secondary school intake of 2022 are now open and close on 1st November 2021.

To apply, please visit Parent Portal: Home (


Homewood School Open Events Update:

With the significant number of people that attend Homewood Open Evening, we have decided to cancel the event that was planned for 22nd September. The Open Evening has been replaced with a mixture of virtual and in person events on a smaller scale, allowing us to make sure all staff, students and visitors are as safe as possible. 

We highly recommend prospective parents/carers attend one of the Open Mornings to see Homewood in full flow. The tour of the school site and facilities (Wednesday October 13th) would be more appropriate for families already familiar with Homewood, who would like to orientate their child with the school site or cannot attend open mornings. Once you have registered, and just prior to the event we will send you some information regarding how the morning or afternoon will be organised. 

Parents/Carers can book for an event on our school website, there is a link to a google form.

A message from Hillview School:

We would appreciate it if you could organise to share this reminder to your Year 6 parents about the closing date for our Performing & Visual Arts Places for entry September 2022.  The deadline for receipt is 7 October 2021.  We have included a link to our Admissions page on our website for ease.

We would not wish for anyone to miss out on applying if they were considering doing so.

Hillview has a long-standing reputation for excellence in these areas, offering 10% of places to students with talents in Dance, Drama, Art or Music.  Applications for our Performing and Visual Arts places close on 7 October 2021.  Further information can be found here.  We ask that you please do not apply for these places if you live less than 6 miles distant to the school.  Students living further distant can apply for the aptitude testing to support their successful entry to Hillview School for Girls.

A message from Oakwood Park Grammar School:

Would you kindly email the attached flyers to your Year 6 Parents about Oakwood Park Grammar School’s Open Mornings. (See flyer opposite)

This is a change to our previous plans as we are not holding our Open Day on Saturday 9th October. Instead we have added another 2 Open Mornings, making 5 in total.

  • These events are now bookable through a link on the Oakwood Park Grammar School website, to restrict numbers in the school.
  • These mornings are also only for Year 6 students plus 2 parents. 

The secondary admissions guide is available online at:-