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Mrs S Fisher
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Mrs L Culver
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Year 6 Curriculum Projects

Year 6 Project - Hola Mexico!

Welcome to Mexico. Get ready to explore this unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography to its pulsing rhythms and fun festivals. Is your tummy rumbling? Concoct a traditional fruit cocktail or a delicious Mexican meal. What’s on your shopping list? Go steady with the spices. Discover the mysterious world of the ancient Mayan civilisation. Make their chocolate, learn their poetry, play their ball game and follow all of their curious rituals. Just try to keep your head. Feel like celebrating? Design a flute, grab a drum, join a tribe and make some noise. Have you got what it takes to be chief? Let’s find out.

Innovate Challenge - Festival procession

Art and Design - Sculpture; Maya Art; Carving

Computing - Online research; Presentations

Design and Technology - Food of Mexico; Evaluating and making instruments

Geography - Maps; Human and physical geography of Mexico

History - Ancient Maya civilisation

Science - Light and shadows

Science Investigations - How can we make red? What colour is a shadow?


Year 6 Key Information



In Year 6 PE lessons are timetabled for Wednesday and Thursday every week.

Spellings Tests will take place every Thursday.



Next week we will be;


Next week we will be;

Additional Information 

Now that the weather is much colder, we ask that the children's PE kit contain jogging bottoms (and a zip-up if possible) for their weekly outdoor PE session.


This week's homework is;

  • Children should continue to read for a minimum of 10 minutes every night and we ask that they read to an adult at least twice a week. Please use your child's reading record book to record a comment each time you hear your child read.  
  • While there are no new spellings for next week, the children can still practise words from the Stage 3, 4 or 5 word lists available on Spelling Shed.  
  • Maths Whizz has been focused on DECIMALS. This is in preparation for the first unit of work for the Spring Term. As this homework task takes us close to the Chirstmas break, a minimum of 3 progressions  needs to be completed before Thursday 7th January. Go to   

What a memorable experience dissecting a lamb's heart was!  We were able to investigate the four chambers of the heart and the arteries and veins.  It was fascinating!

We also made artificial blood, representing the main components: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma and platelets.

When it's raining outside and you still want to get your body moving, why not try your hand at speed stacking?  Year 6 are quite the masters at this sport!

Our Indoor PE session this week allowed us to learn a new game where we could refine our co-ordination and agility skills!  

Following their research in Science and their persuasive writing lessons in English, Year 6 have been using the Chromebooks to create their own anti-smoking adverts.  

This term we have written various non-chronological reports about The Heart, its function and how to keep your heart healthy.  Great work Year 6!

This week in PE, we took part in Boccia and Curling working in small teams to perfect our aim and accuracy skills.  

Year 6 have been perfecting their sending and receiving skills in tag rugby.  Here they are practising the 'pop' and 'spin' pass down the line in a race against the clock.  Great work Year 6!

This week we have been investigating algorithms to see if they are accurate and efficient. Here we are following a pre-written algorithm to order a set of numbers. 

Our Children In Need non-uniform day.

Our Children In Need non-uniform day.

When it's raining outside, Zumba is relocated to the classroom.  Here we are dancing away and busting some groovy moves! 🕺👯‍♂️🕺🏽

This afternoon, Year 6 spent their DT and computing lesson evaluating the home pages of different websites.  We were investigating features such as headers, logos and navigational links. This will then help us to design our own websites. Watch this space for our creations!

We are rather proud of our finished websites.  To create these, we first completed our own header drawings in Art and then uploaded these to the Chromebooks before inserting them into Google Sites.  Linked to our own interests or hobbies, our websites cover a range of topics.  The Year 6 children will be able to show parents and carers their websites by logging into Google Classroom. We hope you like them!