Vision and Values

At our school we value pupils’ achievements and improvements. We demonstrate this through the school’s ‘P.R.I.D.E.’ awards. The letters stand for:

  • Personal excellence e.g. good work, improvements, effort, presentation,      manners, reliability, representing the school at outside events etc.
  • Respect & Resilience  e.g. looking after each other, respecting each other and      property, sharing, not giving up etc.
  • Inspiration e.g. being inspired to complete independent work outside of     school, thinking ‘outside the box’, showing initiative etc.
  • Determination & courage e.g. being brave, perseverance, completing a piece of work that has been challenging, overcoming fear etc.
  • Equality and Friendship e.g. good sportsmanship, teamwork, appreciating others’     opinions / ideas, consideration of others, setting a good example, looking after others etc.

The values are inspired by the official values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Certificates can be earned for outstanding achievements in any of the 5 areas. Pupils are nominated by the adults at school or their peers and the awards are given out in our weekly Celebration Assemblies.



Our School Rules

  1. We respect each other and our environment.
  2. We take PRIDE in our work and behaviour.

Please go to our policies page to see our behaviour policy which is developed around our values.

If you would like to see a summary of our Self Evaluation and what we are working on, please look at the document below.