Year 2

Ms Moss
Class Teacher
Ms Moss
Mrs Miller
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Miller
Mrs Fuller
Teaching Assistant
Mrs Fuller

Year 2 Curriculum Project

Year 2 Project - Coastline 

In the Coastline project, your child will use maps to learn about the location of the world’s seas and oceans and keys to learn about map symbols. They will also find out about the directions on a compass. They will learn about the human and physical features of a coastline, including the effects of erosion and how to stay safe when visiting the coast. They will have the opportunity to learn about the work of the RNLI, what happened to the SS Rohilla and about the coastal town of Whitby, including how Captain Cook is linked to the town. They will research the tourism industry and consider what features make a place a successful tourist destination.

Innovate Challenge - My coastal town

Geography - Maps, globes and atlases; world seas and oceans; Human and physical features; Locational language; Compass directions; Physical processes - erosion; Changes over time; Tourism

Computing - Presenting information

Design and Technology - Making fragrant products

History - Jobs in the past; significant people - Captain Cook

Art and Design - Materials and techniques

Science Investigations - How many arms does an octopus have? Why do boats float? Will it degrade?


Year 2 Key Information



In Year 2 PE lessons are timetabled for Monday (Outdoor) and Wednesday (Indoor) every week. 

Reading quizzes are completed in school on Mondays and Thursdays. Please sign your child's reading record to confirm that they have finished reading their book and that they are ready to take the quiz.



This week we will be:

  • Writing our own seaside poems.
  • Exploring sand and collecting words and phrases.
  • Writing our own sandcastle shape poems. 


This week we will be:

  • Recognising and making equal and unequal groups.
  • Using stem sentences to identify equal groups.
  • Matching equal groups to repeated addition expressions.

Reading records & books must be brought to school every day. Please ensure that children are reading to an adult for at least 10 minutes every day at home. 



This week's homework is:

  • Read to an adult for at least 10 minutes everyday. If the book is relatively short, it would be useful to read it a few times in preparation for the quiz they will take about the book.
  • Aim to complete at least 2 progressions on Maths Whizz every week. 
  • Visit Spelling Shed and play at least 3 games every week.