Year 5

Ms V Travis
Ms V Travis
Geography and History Lead
Mrs A Killick
Mrs A Killick
Music Leader
Mrs K Smith
Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Smith
Speech and Language

Year 5 Curriculum Projects

Year 5 Project - Sow, Grow, Farm

Innovate Challenge - Market gardeners

Computing - Research; Data Handling; Presentations

Art and Design - Still life

Design and Technology -  Seasonality

Geography - Land use in the UK; Allotments; Farming in the UK; Maps; Grid references; Climate zones; Physical features of North and South America; Farming in North and South America; Food transportation

History - Dig for Victory

Science - Food chains and webs; Life cycles; Plant reproduction; Growing plants; Modern farming

Science Investigations - Why do birds lay eggs? How do worms reproduce? How many potatoes can you grow? Do dock leaves cure a sting?

Year 5 Key Information



In Year 5 PE lessons are timetabled for Wednesday and Friday every week. 

Spelling Tests will take place every Thursday


Next week we will edit and publish our newspaper reports on Anne Boleyn's trial



Next week we will be;

  1. Reading scales with 2, 4, 5 or 10 intervals.
  2. Explaining using mathematical language the value of a point on a scale.
  3. Drawing scales with 2, 4, 5 or 10 intervals.

Reading at Home

Although we are aware that the children enjoy independently reading for pleasure, we know that reading to an adult helps children greatly with their fluency of reading and understanding of the text.  We would like to see that on 3 occasions during the week, the children have read to an adult at home, and that this has been recorded in the child's reading record.




This week's homework is;

  • read for at least 10 minutes everyday and record in your reading record. 
  • learn your spellings for the test on Thursday - remember that you can log on to spelling shed at home