Year 5

Ms V Travis
Ms V Travis
Geography and History Lead
Mrs A Killick
Mrs A Killick
Music Leader
Mrs K Smith
Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Smith
Speech and Language

Year 5 Curriculum Projects

Year 5 Project - Stargazers

Innovate Challenge - Rocket launch

Computing - Programming; Stop motion animation

Art and Design - Printing; Design

Design and TechnologySelecting materials; Research; Structures; Evaluation

Geography - Locating physical features

History - Significant individuals - Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton; 1960s space race

Science -Earth and Space; Forces; Working scientifically

Science InvestigationsHow do we know the Earth is round? Can we track the Sun? How do rockets lift off? Why do planets have craters? How does the Moon move?

Year 5 Key Information



In Year 5 PE lessons are timetabled for Tuesday and Friday every week. 

Spelling Tests will take place every Thursday

Next week, work will be set daily on Google Classroom. Don't forget to also complete your progressions on Maths Whizz, use TTRS and Spelling Shed to practise times tables and spellings, and to read every day. Please contact Mr Smith if you have any difficulties with logging on to Google Classroom.


Next week we will be; 


    Next week we will be;

    Reading at Home

    Although we are aware that the children enjoy independently reading for pleasure, we know that reading to an adult helps children greatly with their fluency of reading and understanding of the text.  We would like to see that on 3 occasions during the week, the children have read to an adult at home, and that this has been recorded in the child's reading record.



    Happy Christmas jumper day!  

    This week's homework is;

    • Homework: Complete 3 progressions (or spend 30 minutes) on MathsWhizz (or 30mins). The topic focus Rapid Recall (addition and subtraction)
    • read for at least 10 minutes everyday and record in your reading record. 
    • learn your spellings for the test on Thursday - remember that you can log on to spelling shed at home