Science at Lenham Primary


Science at Lenham Primary School aims to enable children to explore the world around them through investigation and exploration, asking questions and working scientifically. We aim to encourage discussion around new concepts so that children can challenge their pre-existing ideas about the world and improve their skills of prediction and analysis.


  • To prepare children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.
  • To develop a curiosity in Science and an appreciation for its contribution in everyday life.
  • To encourage concern for the children’s local and wider environments.
  • To introduce the language and vocabulary of Science.
  • To improve a child’s skills of predicting.
  • To improve a child’s skill of asking relevant questions.
  • To develop a child’s skills of identifying and classifying.
  • To develop a child’s skills of gathering and analysing data.
  • To promote an awareness of safety around scientific equipment.

What have you learnt in science this year?

I have learnt about the life cycle of chickens and dogs and compared them to the life cycle of frogs and humans. There are some things that are similar, chickens and frogs lay eggs. 

I have enjoyed completing the investigations. We studied how long it would take for ice to melt and water to cool in different conditions. I learnt that you need to be patient and curious to be a good scientist. 

We completed a great investigation about what plants would be like with different amounts of light.