This year, sports day has been a little different. Due to restrictions, we have had to take part in different activities on different days of the week. Mr Holiday and Mrs Prescott worked extremely hard to organize all the events, and have given us a sports week to remember.


The activities that we took part in were diverse, with skills needed for every day. These sports were running, tag rugby, jumping, hockey, throwing and, for the infants, the obstacle course. Thankfully Lenham Primary has a lot of equipment, because we needed it all for this amazing week; shot put, discus, javelins, speed bounce, hockey sticks, we used it all. 


Of course it was a competition, all the houses competed to win the house trophy. Kenny took an early lead, but Whitlock clawed it back on the second day. The winners for the infants, with a fabulous victory were Peacock and the winners for the juniors were Whitlock. We want to congratulate the winners and all the other teams who took part for brilliant sportsmanship keeping everything going. 


We would like to thank Mr Holiday and Mrs Prescott for doing a brilliant job with organising the events and making everything run smoothly, we really appreciate it. And of course, thank you to the staff who refereed and scored all through the week. We had a brilliant time. 


Year 6 Website Journalist