On Wednesday 22nd February Paul Lyall visited the school and shared his poems with us. Everyone in Year 1-6 took part in a poetry writing workshop with him. These are two of our poems:


I need friendship,
Like a pen needs a lid.

I need family,
Like puss-in-boots needs his sword.

I need adventure,
Like a giraffe needs trees

I need respect,
Like a player needs a team

I need love,
Like a cup needs a fluid.
I need family,
Like a candle needs a flame,
And no cookies left plain

I need love,
Like an actor needs a script,
And a dance sways their hips

I need trust,
Like a ladybug needs its spots,
And in art we draw some dots

I need forgiveness,
Like every swimmer needs a costume,
And music needs lots of volume

I need respect,
Like every pizza needs cheese,
And if your poorly you might need a big sneeze.

At the end of the day we were able to buy signed copies of his book.


By Molly and James

Year 5