Sport at Lenham Primary School

Cross Country Event written by Henry

On Tuesday the 17th of September, groups from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 went up to Mote Park for a cross country run. We were all very excited and couldn’t wait to get going.
The first race that Lenham competed in was the Year 3 and 4 boys. Amazingly, we had some Year 4 boys who came in the top TEN! Also there was Year 3 boys competing for Lenham who did brilliantly.
Next up was the girls 5 and 6 race and as they lined up there was a lot of excitement in the air. Lenham’s girls were mainly in the top seventy and everyone cheered as they raced past us to reach the finish line.
Whilst the girls were racing the boys 5 and 6 were preparing and as soon as possible we were off. Most of them were in the top seventy like the girls.

We all had an amazing time and will definitely do it again.

We really value sport at Lenham Primary School and try to provide the children with as much exercise as we can through after school clubs, morning exercise and PE lessons. Mr Brown our PE leader works hard to organise clubs with Mrs Prescott, so that we can enter school sports competitions.

We currently start everyday with 10 minutes of Zumba altogether on the playground, led by Mrs McCluskey and two Year 6 children.

Every class has 2 PE sessions a week and we offer a variety of after school clubs (basketball, netball, benchball, Zumba, football and Street dance) provided by staff and outside providers.

We also receive Sport Premium from the government to help improve the sports opportunities we provide.

Lenham Primary School's Sports Premium
What is sports premium?
The government has chosen to invest in Primary School Physical Education and School Sport. They have done this by offering each primary school £16,000.00 plus £10.00 per pupil to be spent in any way the school thinks best to improve the teaching and learning of PE and School Sport in their individual school. We receive £17,778.00 in total.

How we are using it at Lenham Primary School?
We have used the funding at Lenham Primary School to ensure that children benefit from more experienced and qualified teachers and instructors during their PE lessons. This has included buying in training and support for teachers from The Lenham School (see impact of Sports Premium below). This also enables us access to some of their equipment and facilities to try new sports.
Some of the funding has been used to buy new equipment to encourage activities during PE, play times and after school clubs.
Two of our significant purchases has been to first aid train all Year 6 children, buy a new PE scheme of work, as well as subsidised Cycle Ready for Year R. As a school we are dedicated to giving the children as many different sporting opportunities as possible

September 2020

This year we are using our Sports Premium to employee our own Sports Coach and run our own intra-sport competitions.

We are aiming to provide as many opportunities as possible for the children to take part in competitive activities within school and against other schools.

Competitive activities are great for learning to: play as part of a team, manage nerves, cope with losing as well as winning, play by rules.

Competing in a team can also help to build self esteem and it encourages children to put in best effort.