Teaching and Learning at Lenham Primary School

Policies relating to Teaching and Learning

At Lenham Primary we have a range of policies that support the Teaching and Learning of our curriculum. Policies relating to other areas of school life (eg. Safeguarding, Attendance etc.) can be found in the Important Information section or our website or by clicking the following link https://lenham.kent.sch.uk/important-information/policies/

Long Terms Plans 2022-2023

We have developed our Long Term Plans to enable us to share them with parents and stakeholders. 


These plans give a brief outline of the projects that each class will cover over the course of an academic year and clearly recognises the broad and balanced coverage which is at the heart of our curriculum

Progression of Skills 2022-2023

The below Progression of Skills documents detail the breakdown of skills taught and learnt within each of the subjects that form our curriculum. They provide clarity on expectations for different year groups and how the skills are taught in such a way to help children build and sequence knowledge and skills without cognitive overload. 

Subject-specific vocabulary is a crucial part of a well sequenced curriculum. Vocabulary is carefully mapped to ensure that children learn the correct words and phrases in the right order. This enables children to articulate their learning with confidence. The key vocabulary for each project is recorded in the 'Knowledge Organisers' which are shared with the pupils throughout each project and can be found on each of 'Our Classes' pages on this website.