Pupil Premium

Lenham Primary School's Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

“The Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools so that they can support their disadvantaged pupils and close the attainment gap between them and their peers*…”

The monies are distributed through the ‘Ever 6’ principle, which is the number of pupils in school, as at the latest census, who have claimed ‘Free School Meals’ (FSM) in the past 6 years, are service children or currently on the ‘Looked After Children’ (LAC) register.

How much is Pupil Premium?

The current Pupil Premium rate for disadvantaged pupils for 2019/2020 is £1320 per free school meal (FSM) pupil.

Schools will also receive £2,300 for each looked-after pupil who:

  • has been looked after for 1 day or more
  • was adopted from care on or after 30 December 2005, or left care under:
    • a special guardianship order
    • a residence order

This financial year, 2020/2021, Lenham Primary School will receive £68,525.00 in Pupil Premium funding.

Pupil Premium Plans for 2020/2021

Our focus on pupil premium is very much embedded in our school plan and performance management.

We monitor levels of progress and attainment for all students very carefully. Where children would benefit from additional support to boost their learning, this funding can add to the opportunities that we are able to offer. The funding is used on a priority basis to support any child who needs it in order to achieve at least the levels expected for their age. We also use the funding to provide children with resources which will support their learning.

In September we will be using the funding for the following:

  • School Trips
  • Swimming Lessons (Yr3)
  • Residential Trips
  • Extra one to one activities
  • Extra group activities
  • We have appointed a HLTA who is allocated ½ a day in every year group to support the learning of Pupil Premium children.
  • Breakfast club
  • Running lunchtime provision clubs and activities
  • Investing in resources that boost children’s learning, such as laptops or tablet.
  • Investing in other resources such as books and maths equipment
  • After school clubs (not Toastie)

The list above demonstrates the breadth of provision we will consider offering to Pupil Premium children, it is not a given that all the above will be accessible for all Pupil Premium children. The school will assess needs and identify which support is required to assist academic achievement on an individual basis.

For further information about Pupil Premium please follow the link to the Education.gov website:


*Quoted from Education.gov website 22/1/14