Student Leaders

At Lenham Primary School, we feel children having responsibilities and helping us lead the school is incredibly important. Below are the roles which the children hold and how they help us.

School Council

School Council are the voice of the children. They work closely with Mrs McCluskey to make the school the best it can be.


House Captains

House Captain lead our houses and help encourage their houses to collect as many house points as possible.

This year we have the following children leading our houses.

Brownlee- Jace and Isla

Peacock- Olivia and Joshua

Kenny- Louise and Roxie

Whitlock- David and Elseigh


Sports Leaders

We have 6 Sports Leaders who will help run sports competitions during lunchtime. These leaders will work closely with Mr Brown.


Zumba Leaders

Every morning we start our day with a couple of Zumba dances, led by Mrs McCluskey, Freddie, Elayna, Elisiya, Riley, Erin and Eva. However some mornings Mrs McCluskey isn't available, but that doesn't matter as Freddie, Elayna, Elisiya, Riley, Erin and Eva can lead everyone.


We also have five Zumba leaders in training from Year 5- Annabel, Peggy, Connor, Harry and Henry.


P.R.I.D.E Journalists

We now have journalists, who have been chosen to write about school events on our website. We have Niamh and Henry in Year 6 and Aimee and Lucy in Year 5. 


Digital Leaders

Our digital leaders, help support the teachers with the technology we have at school. They are also working with our IT Technician to learn about coding.