Everyone at this school believes that parents play a very important part in their child’s education. A strong partnership between home and school makes a big difference to the children in our care. From the very beginning, parents are invited to take an active part in school life. There are meetings, newsletters, open days, formal consultations, annual reports and numerous other ways that school and home come together. We have an “open door” policy where parents are always welcome to come in and discuss matters with members of staff.

Parents help in school in many ways. Some volunteer to help in class with learning activities, reading etc. or accompany children on trips.

We have a very active Parent Teachers and Friends Association that does a great deal to improve the life and work of the school. Everyone enjoys the many activities they organise for the children and families and the money raised makes a very big impact on the school.

If you are interested in volunteering or wish to join the PTA please email 




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