We feel that uniform is important as it helps to establish school identity, a smart appearance and helps parents overcome the problems of dressing choosy fashion-conscious children!

The uniform is basically green, gold and grey. Various combinations are possible:


Grey trousers and shorts may be worn in winter or summer


Grey skirts and pinafores may be worn in winter or summer


*Short or long sleeved polo shirts, in gold for all year groups except Year 6, who wear white. White school shirts and blouses are an acceptable alternative to the sports-style shirts for Year 6 only.


 *Bottle green sweat shirts with the school “Saxon” logo or bottle green sweaters /cardigans 


 *Bottle green fleeces with the school “Saxon” logo


 Yellow or Green dresses (striped or checked)


 *Green caps (legionnaire and baseball style) are optional for summer protection.


 Socks should be white or grey, tights either black, grey or bottle green.


 Shoes are preferably black and of a practical design. Trainers, slip-ons and high heels are not permitted for everyday wear.


 Wellington boots must be named and kept at school all year, for playing outside on the field when it’s wet, muddy or snowy.


 PE Kit:

Every child needs to have his/her kit in school every day. Children who do not have their kit are not able to participate.


 Black shorts


 *House T-shirt. You will be advised what house your child will be in. Siblings are placed in the same house. Houses are named after sporting Britons who excelled at the Rio Olympics, and were chosen by the children:

 Daley – Green       Steadman – Yellow       Storey – Blue       Brown – Red


 Plimsolls are necessary for games activities.

 *All starred items can be purchased online using the following link


Long hair should be tied back, and no extreme hairstyles (large bows, 'train track' razor cuts) are allowed