Here are some of the things we did during the first Lockdown...


What has it been like?

Lockdown has made a massive difference to how children learn. With hardly anyone in school, Lenham Primary have had to work to keep it all going. 

We have been using Google Classroom which allows the teachers to set our work.  And the amazing teachers have kept on going to make sure that the children get all we need. And it hasn’t been easy. Making the change between books and computers was a big step but Lenham rose to the challenge.

Luckily, Mrs McCluskey has been brilliant and has kept the communication between the school and home strong. We have had live assemblies, Zumba in the morning, P.E. challenges and more. 

On the week of Monday the 13th of July we had some very exciting afternoons. The school had arranged for us to meet our teachers and find out our new ones. It was brilliant to actually see our teachers after so long of communicating via the internet. 

Although everything has been different, although we have been at home, although life has changed, we have still managed to be part of Lenham Primary School

Written By Henry, Year 5 Journalist

As part of the Government strategy to help pupils 'catch up' school have been provided with COVID catch up money for the academic year 20/21.

Below is how we plan to spend the money.

Music and Dance Videos

We made 2 videos during lock down. It was great that everyone could be together, even when we were apart!

The staff put together a 'Miss You' Video for all the children.

LIVE Zumba everyday

LIVE Assemblies

Check out Mrs McCluskey's Youtube channel for all our LIVE assemblies.

Click here