Science Week 2020

Our Stour

On Monday the 9th March a lady called Lauren from Our Stour came to talk to us about the River Stour. She told us all about the different habitats in and by the River Stour which include: the water, the trees, reeds and the grass nearby. All the nature was wonderful like this creature that sticks to rocks and small pieces of wood. She also told us all about the floodplains with more wildlife like field mice, barn owls and yellowhammers. This was a really amazing experience sitting in her van learning all about the Stour and her water vole game was amazing too. I recommend this to other schools.

By Jack, year 6

Yesterday, a lady, called Lauren, came in to talk to us about the River Stour, which is the river that starts by the duck pond in Lenham. She taught us about the river and all about the wildlife that lives there. There were mayflies, water nymphs, otters and water voles. Lauren showed us a field mouse’s nest that was as big as her hand and was made of dried grass all bound together.
We also learnt about habitats, there was floodplains, the river, the reeds at the side of the river and grasslands. In these habitats there lived; water voles, barn owls, field mice, and lots more of interesting creatures.
At the end we played a game where there were 2 teams, one was water voles and the other was food, water or shelter. You then had to turn around and make a symbol then turn around and match with the same symbol from the other side.
I enjoyed it because it was fun and interesting to learn about all of the animals from the 50 mile river.

By Jessica, year 6.
On Wednesday 11th of March Years 5 and 6 did an experiment called a sticky problem.
The experiment was to test which glue of three was the strongest. We made the glue before putting them to a series of tests. The requirements were (A) which glue is strongest, (B) which glue was the most waterproof and finally (C) which glue came out of cloth easiest.
The strength test was to stick pieces of paper together and to see which was hardest to pull off. For most people Glue A was the strongest however Glue C, came a close second. Whereas B was very easy to peel apart.
The next test was the waterproof test. Lollipop sticks were stuck together and then held in water for a certain amount of time. Once again, A proved to be the best. B though was very easy to pull apart after dunking it in water.
Finally we had to see what glue came out of cloth best. This was done by applying the glue to some fabric and leaving it in water for a period of time. Most groups agreed that A was the very best.
Throughout the lesson we learnt that A was outstanding and B was the weakest.
We would like to thank Ms Travis and Mrs Smith for helping us to complete the experiment successfully.

By Henry and Niamh


World Book Day 2020

On Friday 6th March, Lenham Primary School celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as book characters. Children took part in book swaps and sharing stories. It was a great day. Thank you to Mrs Fisher for organising everything.

On Thursday 5th of March Lenham Primary School celebrated World Book Day with a series of events. From writing book reviews to decorating potatoes, world book day was AMAZING!!!
Years R-2 created magnificent potato sculptures of their favourite book characters. With the help of the parents who came in to assist, the “book characters” looked FANTASTIC!!!
Year 3 and 4 designed book bags for their favourite books. On the back of these bags they wrote brilliant book reviews about the characters and much more. As well as the bags they made bookmarks.
Year 5 and 6 wrote book reviews and hung them on a coat hanger. They looked astonishing when they were hung around the hall.
Friday was dressing up day. Prizes went to the most imaginative costumes which there were loads of. The saucepan man, Mr Bump, Cruella De Vil, BFG and many more were spotted. And with so many lovely costumes WORLD BOOK DAY WAS A GREAT SUCCESS

By Henry and Niamh


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Science Week 2019

SCIENCE WEEK written by our Year 6 Journalists


This week Lenham primary school have been focusing on science! We have had multiple encounters with science experts teaching us things about physics, biology, chemistry and wildlife.



On the beginning of science week, year 1 investigated the chemical reaction between different substances including baking oil and water. The majority of class predicted that it would change colour.   The results revealed that the chemicals in each liquid pushed away from each other leaving the oil to float on top.



In the lesson, year 2 were investigating what insects and creatures inhabit in the school pond. Year 2  thoroughly enjoyed classifying the creatures in the pond.



Year six were discovering how much force it takes to pull up a wooden car. They used a wooden plank that had various surfaces and measured the force in Newtons (named after the historic scientist Isaac Newton). Year six also went pond dipping discovering what insects and creatures inhabit in the school pond also they went in an aqua lab where year six learnt about the River Stour and how it spread into Ashford and Canterbury.

 Birds of prey  

In this assembly the whole school joined to view the majestic birds of prey.  The birds that were viewed were the pelican falcon, the bald eagle and the barn owl. He thoroughly explained how these majestic birds adapt and overcome the wilderness. The pelican falcon can reach blazing speeds when at high altitude, the bald eagle developed large wings and serrated talons to grip its prey and the owl uses its sensitive hearing to scout and grab its prey with needle like talons as quiet as a mouse. He explained about his what he’s done in his lifetime and the realisation of what happens in the wild.

He explained to us about natural selection and how the more dominant of the species are more likely to spread their genes and how farming change humanity forever. He let the birds soar across the hall and impress us with there immense speed and power.


Over all this week has been pleasurable for the entire school and will be pass down as one of the best memories Lenham will ever experience!