Lenham Primary held its Science Week in March 2022. In 2020 and 2021, we were unable to celebrate Science Week properly due to the pandemic, so the staff and students threw themselves into 2022 with gusto!

We were lucky enough to receive funding for the students to complete their CREST Awards in years 1-6. Key Stage One worked towards their Star CREST Awards and Key Stage Two worked towards their Superstar CREST Awards.

Year 1 investigated whether bubbles can be different sizes and shapes! They also carried out investigations to find out which surface was best to scooter on, and how our sense of touch is affected when blindfolded.

Please see our twitter account for more photos of Science Week 2022. 


EYFS also honed their scientific skills by investigating which plants grow the fastest! They found out what plants need to grow quickly. They also mixed colours during Science Week, and learned how sound travels through liquids and solids.

Year 3 designed their own outdoor gym in the school grounds, thinking about how children of different abilities could access the exercises!

Year 2 had to decide which material made the best hanky for their sneezes! They also created and tested their own tea bags in Science Week.

Year 4 designed and tested birds' nests in Science Week, making sure they would be able to withstand wind, rain and movement. They also conducted a chromatography investigation to find out who the thief was!

Year 6 extracted the DNA of a strawberry, ensuring that they repeated their investigation to get the best results.

Year 5 conducted an experiment to find out which items fell the fastest (inspired by Galileo!) They used Newton meters and repeated their experiment to ensure accuracy.

Every year, Lenham Primary carries out a Science Fair. The winners' experiments can be found in the corridor outside Year 4. The parents, staff and students all enjoyed the Science Fair 2022 immensely and we had more entries than ever before!

We are already looking forward to next year! Well done to all the staff and students who took part.

Mrs Doherty - Science Lead