Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science. - Edwin Powell Hubble


Walking rainbow- Science Club

Walking rainbow- Science Club

Science Week 2020 had a lot to live up to, as Science Week 2019 had been so enjoyed by staff and students here at Lenham Primary School. Our Science fair last year boasted record numbers of parents attending, and proved that we have some amazing scientists in our midst!

Throughout Term 4 this year, Science Club was run by Miss Parry and the Science Ambassadors. The children were invited to attend and investigated chromatography, surface tension, plant growth as well as making water walk!

Science Club and our Science Ambassadors helped to get the rest of the school excited for Science Week 2020.

Lenham Primary has a well-established link with Our Stour, and Lauren has visited the school many times over the years to deliver educational workshops about the River Stour and the surrounding scientific issues. This year, Lauren brought her specialised van with her, equipped with a microscope and lots of amazing artefacts from her river travels. Lauren also brought her pond dipping equipment with her, and year 2 enjoyed exploring the school pond with her.

Andrew Berry also visited the school this year for Science Week, as he also has a well-established link with Lenham Primary through Miss Parry. He taught science lessons with every class, exploring exciting experiments relevant to their learning. The children really enjoyed Mr Berry visiting the school, as they do every year.

At Lenham Primary, our teaching of Science is exceptional. Every teacher in the school planned engaging, exciting experiments for their children, and we even swapped classes this year so that the students were exposed to even more Science!

The staff were also asked to plan a lesson about an influential scientist- these included Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Jamie Garcia, Archimedes and Charles Mackintosh.

Our Science Fair is always a big hit with the school community. However, thanks to this year's coronavirus outbreak, parents weren't allowed to visit this year. Instead, the students saw everyone's science projects on the 20th March 2020 in the hall, one class at a time. It's fair to say that everyone was really impressed with the standard of work and the amount of effort that the students had put into their projects. Well done, Lenham Primary!