Report written by JackĀ 

Last week year 6 went on their residential trip. When we got onto the coach and headed off to Howletts Zoo and looked at all the animals. Some people (Eden, Ashton and Mrs Prescott) got excited when they saw their favourite animal. We got to Kingswood and took part in some activities. My top favourite activities were 3G swing, rock climbing, archery and fencing. It was fun especially having fun with all of your friends. This has to be the best trip ever.

Report written by Jessica

Firstly we went to school and got on the coach to Howletts Zoo. There we saw lots of animals and even a baby rhino! My favourite animal was the elephants. After lunch we went to Kingswood and went to our rooms. Then we went to the 3G swing .That is where you have a huge swing and then you have to pull a small rope and you swing down so fast that your eyes water and your heart races. We also did the leap of faith that is where you have to climb up a high pole and then jump off a ledge to touch a ball. That was really scary. We also did rocket bottles in the evening where you have to fill up a bottle with water then pump it up till it explodes!