Race for Life

Race for life at Lenham Primary

On the week of Monday the 21st of September 2020, Lenham Primary School ran for the Race for life. The children went home and asked their parents and family to donate money for Cancer Research. Before the race, children took home a piece of paper, on which they could write down the name of someone who was suffering from cancer. They clipped the pieces of paper to their fronts or backs whilst running the race for life, so they could show who they were racing for. The whole school took part of it, to raise money for the people who are suffering from cancer. Though everybody was tired, they kept on persevering and tried to fit in as many laps in the time as possible. After they had completed their race, all of the children were exhausted and proud about the number of laps they had run. For their hard work and perseverance, everyone received a medal. We had helped raise £2097.50 including gift aid.

Parents and families should be incredibly proud of what the school and their child (or children) have achieved.

By Aimee and Lucy
Year 5

On the week of Monday 21st Lenham Primary School took part in the Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research. There was a Just Giving page set up and parents donated. The final amount was phenomenal!
Lenham Primary raised….
The government gave us £343.50 gift aid. So in total, we raised a staggering
Everyone pushed themselves as hard as they could to achieve as many laps as they possibly could. So many people surprised themselves by doing more laps than they thought. Everytime you made a lap, you felt an amazing rush of adrenaline. By the end of it, we were all so proud of ourselves. To celebrate, we were awarded medals.

Thank you to all of the remarkable parents who donated to help this wonderful cause, and thank you to the staff for organising this event.