All the children enjoyed a visit from Fantastic Fred today.

This morning, Fantastic Fred came in and taught us about having a healthy mind. They are a team of people that come to schools to talk to each class in turn about a healthy diet, how to have a good night sleep, the right amount of exercise and how to be safe on your devices. They go by the name Fred. This stands for: eating the right food for F, have a great rest for R, have the right amount of exercise for E and using your devices safely for D. At the end we had to do a test to make sure we could remember all the facts. One lady dressed up as a troll and said that she stole Fred and if we got the test 100% correct that Fred could come back. We learnt that when you exercise you produce some hormones called endorphins.

Written by Jessica year 6

This morning, a team of people called Fantastic Fred came to our school. They took it in turns to tell each class how to look after their bodies. The main person called Fred, who loved dressing up, so every time we moved on to a new subject she changed her costume. The first subject was food and what you should eat. Fred dressed up as chef and she had a strange diet which included iron nails, fireworks and chalk. Then her friend told her that the diet is unsafe. Her friend told her what you really should be eating which included; carrots, water and bread. The next subject was rest where Fred dressed up in her dressing gown and went to bed. We all had to choose what to give her in bed. We gave her a brick, a snack, her phone and a night mask. But we had to change them to a pillow, a book, her toothbrush and night mask. After that we learnt about exercise where Fred kept shouting dolphins instead of endorphins. We also learnt we should exercise for 1 hour every day. The topic was devices. We had to save Fred from a troll by answering questions. We did save her. All together the lessons spelt FRED.

Written by Jack
Year 6