On Friday 19th March the pupils of Lenham Primary School dressed in their PJ's or onesies to raise money for Comic Relief.
All around the school, children learnt a bit about Red Nose Day and did five minutes or so of telling their class jokes. Furry slippers paraded the corridors and colours filled the classrooms. Everyone was very proud to be taking part in Comic Relief, so that they could share a smile with people less fortunate than ourselves.
We would like to thank all the parents who donated money to this excellent cause, the children who went above and beyond with their onesies and pajamas, and of course, the brilliant teaching staff who organised everything.
Hopefully we will have raised lots of money for the charity.

By Niamh and Henry
On Friday 19th of March 2021 (Red Nose Day), Lenham Primary School came to school in their pajamas and some of them even brought in teddies to sit at their desks! The teddies had to be small enough to fit on the children’s desks and they were not allowed to go outside with the children. It was the children’s responsibility to take care of their teddies and make sure that they didn’t get lost. The students were also allowed to bring in their red noses if they wanted to. Instead of bringing in pound coins, students asked their parents to make a donation to comic relief on ParentPay so their children could come in wearing their pajamas. Lessons didn’t change in school, but children (and their teddies!) still had a fantastic, cosy day.

Lucy and Aimee

We raised an amazing £236.00- well done everyone