Dear Parents,

I have some fantastic news, a wonderful anonymous parent has donated enough safety matting that we have been able to laid a temporary path around the school. You still need suitable footwear as the matting will get muddy. But this does allow us to make some changes.

 This path has come at a great time as with lockdown on Thursday we will need to make some changes anyway.

These changes we would like to start from this afternoon (Monday 2nd November).


  1. Collection will be 3:10- 3:25 for all year groups. You can come at any time but we must have STRAGGERING. If we cannot achieve this naturally, we will have to allocate pick up times.
  2. You will enter the car park and be welcomed back onto the giant one-way system, now clearly demarcated by safety matting. The safety matting is black and blue. To keep social distancing, you may have to wait. If this is the case you must make sure you are standing on the BLUE section. Each section is 2m, so helps with spacing.
  3. We are asking all parents to wear face masks, this will be compulsory from Thursday 5th November. Staff will be wearing face shields.
  4. Please collect your child as quickly as possible and leave the site.


  1. Drop off in the morning will remain as it is. Anytime from 8:45-9:00 with KS2 children walking up the drive on their own and Year R, 1 and 2 entering through the playground. We are asking Year R, 1 and 2 parents to wear facemasks. Again from Thursday it will be compulsory that any parent entering the school site is wearing a facemask.


  1. After school sports clubs, those run by Mr Holliday and Street dance will be cancelled during lockdown. Wrap around care will still be provided, you should have received an email already.


Finally this is a national lockdown, therefore collecting children for friends/ play dates is not allowed.

The guidance for schools can be found: