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Miss A Bishop
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Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Horlock

Stars Class Curriculum Project

Stars Class Project - Mighty Metals

Mighty metals are everywhere! From earrings to rockets, metals have shaped the world we live in today.

This half term, we’re going to become fantastic physicists, exploring the world of forces, metals and materials. At a playground, we’ll explore the forces that help us to slide and swing. Then, we’ll bring toys from home to investigate how they work. We’ll look closely at levers and explore how they help us to lift heavy objects. In maths, we’ll have fun investigating where we need to sit to make a seesaw balance. To learn more about forces, we’ll make spinners, play with parachutes and make magnetic games. We’ll also investigate iron, think about why some metals rust and discover the properties of different metals. Using pots, pans and other metal objects, we’ll compose a metal musical extravaganza and use our artistic skills to create embossed patterns and pictures.

Help your child prepare for their project
Metals and magnets are everywhere! Why not do a hunt around the house to see how metal is used? You could also make fridge magnets using a flat magnet, glue and modelling clay or recycled materials. Alternatively, you could build models using blocks or recycled materials and investigate the force needed to knock them over!

Memorable Experience - visit a local playground

Art and Design - Embossed pattern and pictures; making jewellery

Computing - Creating spreadsheets; Using presentation software

D&T - Product evaluation; Research; Selecting materials; Making vehicles: Building an Iron Man; Using electrical circuits

Science - Forces and magnets; Working scientifically

Science Investigations - Can you block magnetism? Why do magnets attract and repel? What does friction do? How mighty are magnets?


Stars Class Key Information


The English and Maths Curriculum followed are assigned and adapted specifically for each pupil. 


In Stars Class, PE is timetabled for Thursday every week. 



Week commencing 7th June:
Rocks, Relics and Rumbles introductory knowledge and non-chronological reports. 


Week Commencing 7th June: 
- WALT: use and understand fraction notation

Additional  Information

During term 6, your child will be participating in weekly Forest School sessions. The sessions will take place on a Monday afternoon in the forest area within the school grounds.

Please ensure that your child has the following clothing to change into each Monday:

  • Outdoor shoes – preferably wellingtons
  • A warm coat – preferably waterproof
  • Trousers (for example: tracksuit bottoms)
  • An extra layer of clothing depending on the weather

Please write your child’s name on their clothing.


During Forest School sessions, children are encouraged to work with others to carry out activities such as den/shelter building, role play, exploration, practical and creative skills and tasks. I am sure that your child will make the most of this wonderful opportunity to learn outdoors, and apply their new learning within the classroom.

PE is on a Thursday this term! 


This week's homework is;

  • to read for at least 10 minutes everyday.
  • to research facts about predators for our topic 'Predator!'