Special Educational Needs and Disability

All children at Lenham Primary School  are valued, respected and welcomed to the school whatever their additional educational need.

We will support their learning and ensure they are fully included in all school activities, making full use of externally provided facilities where appropriate.

The staff at Lenham Primary School recognise that all children in their care are unique, each child is seen as an individual and every effort is taken to ensure that his/her needs are met. All children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

The school adopts a graduated response and an array of strategies to help children who have special educational needs including specialist expertise where appropriate.
Any concerns you may have about your child can be shared with your child’s class teacher and then Miss Grieve (SENCO) at any point during the school year.

The School’s policy on Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) fully supports the SEND Code of Practice and our teachers follow the Mainstream Core Standards.

Our SEND policy is regularly updated and sets out the school’s systems for identification, assessment, monitoring, reviewing and evaluating SEN. 
Additional educational needs will be provided through the outline of the National Curriculum and the support of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator in the school and support services.

Pupils with special educational needs will be admitted to the school in accordance with the requirements of the 1966 Education Act and the LA’s Admission Policy. All pupils are welcomed into the school and the school will seek appropriate support as necessary to ensure that individual needs are met.

Pupil Progress Meetings are held every term where Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, SENCO and class teachers meet to discuss the progress of children. From these meetings we plan for children to receive specific interventions that will support them with their learning.
At Lenham Primary School, we run a range of interventions, see the below provision maps for an idea of what interventions we offer.