Sports Premium

Lenham Primary School's Sports Premium
What it is
The government has chosen to invest in Primary School Physical Education and School Sport. They have done this by offering each primary school £8,000.00 plus £5.00 per pupil to be spent in any way the school thinks best to improve the teaching and learning of PE and School Sport in their individual school.

How we are using it at Lenham Primary School
We have used the funding at Lenham Primary School to ensure that children benefit from more experienced and qualified teachers and instructors during their PE lessons. This has included buying in training and support for teachers from Swadelands (see action plan). This also enables us access to some of their equipment and facilities to try new sports.
Some of the funding has been used to buy new equipment to encourage activities during PE, play times and after school clubs.
Two of our significant purchases have been the outdoor table tennis tables and lacrosse equipment. As a school we are dedicated to giving the children as many different sporting opportunities as possible